CHP Consulting

User Interface Design

CHP employs a team of specialist user interface (UI) designers dedicated to delivering class-leading web application UI’s that combine ease-of-use with brand enhancement.

Our web application UI’s exploit the latest usability research. Every task, from simple agreement entry to system configuration, is performed from a single unified interface, allowing users to focus on the job at hand. A clear hierarchy of information and consistent layout help ensure an intuitive experience.

Web-based ALFA delivers the advanced functionality, uncluttered multi-tasking environment and keyboard-only input that power users demand. For novice users, in-page contextual help, basic view modes and guided wizards allow them to be productive from day one.

We tailor a proven five-step design process to each new project. This allows us to meet the needs of your user group, your business and your brand as successfully and efficiently as possible:

  • Requirements Definition. Prioritizes design goals
  • User Profiling. Even simple techniques, such as questionnaires and work shadowing, give vital insight into the target audience.
  • Information Architecture. Organize and present data in a way users find easiest to understand.
  • Design Concept. Key screens developed in close collaboration with the client satisfy functional and brand requirements.
  • Application templates. Layout and behavior of UI is produced independently of back-end development.

Key Points

  1. 1 Experience.

    Each team member has 5-10 years' agency and in-house experience in creating award-winning designs.

  2. 2 User-focused.

    Design documentation demonstrates features that will help your user group be more productive from day one.

  3. 3 Smart technology.

    Strict standards-compliance simplifies the process of meeting accessibility requirements.