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Training Consultancy

Implementing a thorough training program is particularly important at a time of organizational change. Keeping your staff informed and educating them appropriately ensures that confidence and motivation are maintained while they learn new functionality and processes.

CHP Consulting recognizes the critical requirement for every organization to train its staff so they can perform their roles proficiently.

To ensure all users have a smooth transition into their new way of working, we design clear, detailed and targeted change communications programs. In collaboration with key business figures and super users, we tailor our approach to meet the needs of your organization and its individuals.

CHP’s training team has years of experience in implementing programs for key IT packages in different industries. They have the skills and flexibility to perform any role in the training process - from performing the training needs analysis, to training materials development and delivery, through to supporting the users in the live system.

Our program includes a suite of training materials:

  • Training manuals. Step-by-step instructions that use a business context to instruct users how to perform their roles and introduce new terminology
  • E-learning simulations. Interactive tutorials spanning the system functionality from the business perspective
  • Business process documentation. Full diagrammatic documentation of existing or re-engineered business processes
  • Quick-reference cards. Role-specific help cards that summarize key terminology and transactions

CHP will facilitate your training courses and workshops, including train-the-trainer sessions, or deliver them for you. Post go-live activities include clear documentation, floorwalking, manning helpdesks or facilitating and supporting workshops.

Training Consultancy

Key Points

  1. 1 Productivity.

    See substantial and tangible improvements in staff efficiency.

  2. 2 Methodology.

    Take a repeatable approach to staff development.

  3. 3 Experience.

    We have been training in this industry for decades.

Client Quotes

Getting direction on training where we needed it was really important to the project. The experience (CHP Consulting) brought meant that we could get the whole thing done reliably and efficiently, and now we’re seeing some really positive results.

David Wilson, Operations Director, Close Asset Finance