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Business Process Consultancy

CHP’s Business Process Improvement framework integrates leading methodologies like Lean® and Six Sigma® and our own DATIS framework with 20 years of on-project experience. A targeted, benefits-driven approach, it can be used to take your business to operational and service excellence.

In order to attract and retain profitable customers, organizations must ensure that they make use of targeted value-adding services to gain a competitive advantage.

The CHP framework puts the voice of the customer, and areas of operational risk, at the heart of analysis and recommendations for process improvement. Our standard toolkit is used in a selective manner aligned to your business objectives and current position.

A typical project starts by defining scope and agreeing specific measurable objectives. This provides focus and prioritization during the analysis phase, and the quantifiable results can be integrated into a continuous improvement program. Our rigorous analysis tools give clarity to the context of the ‘as-is’ business process, and allow us to drill down to the root causes of process inefficiencies or variation. A series of recommendations is presented in a report and these can then be taken forward to the implementation, verification, and monitoring phases of a business process improvement exercise.

Business Process Consultancy is carried out in partnership with our clients - working together to align sponsor-level decisions with the on-the-ground implementation. This is achieved through the creation of centers of excellence within your organization that can continuously identify and make improvements. This encourages commitment to a new way of working, delivering real business benefits both now and in the future.

Business Process Consultancy Schematic

Key Points

  1. 1 Cost Reduction.

    Improved efficiency through strategic elimination of process waste and sources of variation.

  2. 2 Control.

    Built in controls to achieve a consistent, repeatable process.

  3. 3 Knowledge.

    Continuous improvement delivered by transfer of skills to your people.

Client Quotes

A solid system platform is a fundamental building block for an asset finance company. Close is an acquisitive company and ALFA gives us the freedom to take on new businesses with the certainty that we can integrate them effectively and efficiently. For us to change the working practices associated with twenty years in the business was always going to be a challenge, but CHP understood our needs and helped deliver a genuine business transformation.

David Wilson, Operations Director at Close Asset Finance