CHP Consulting

ASP Services

As an application service provider, CHP provides its own in-house hosting solution for ALFA Systems. This allows clients to benefit from full access to ALFA, without having to provide and maintain the hardware and operational environment required to run it.

This outsourced deployment option is popular with start-up clients and those with a small- to medium-sized user base, whereby the ownership of the technical infrastructure is not desirable or cost-effective.

CHP provides remote access to ALFA hosted at our data center, with maintenance and access control functions performed by CHP’s ASP Support team.

Typically, the secure connection between the client site and CHP is via a point-to-point leased line or virtual private network (VPN).

Key Points

  1. 1 Cost-effective

    Exploit the functional benefits of ALFA without bearing the set-up and maintenance costs.

  2. 2 Outsourced

    Forego the need for hardware/software infrastructure and additional disaster recovery planning.

  3. 3 Secure

    Rely on a proven track record of providing secure services to the industry's biggest names.

Client Quotes

CHP’s ASP service provides a cost-effective way to run our portfolio on ALFA and is easy to use. We're able to access ALFA and our data seamlessly via the internet without any performance, stability or security issues. I don’t even have to worry about disaster recovery as that’s all part of the package. It means we can focus on our business and leave CHP to manage the technical side.”

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