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Right First Time #3: Defining the Right Project

Our third piece in the Right First Time series discusses the tasks and procedures necessary to plan your project effectively and give it detailed, meaningful definition.

Right First Time #3: Defining the Right Project (.pdf)

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About the Right First Time Series

Today's lessors are constantly striving to improve efficiency and streamline their business operations. Upgrading the software they use is the key method of achieving this, and this applies to portfolios and volumes of all sizes.

Contemporary systems deliver an abundance of business benefits to those look­ing to modernize; concepts such as business rules automation, user ownership of process and product, and client self-service on the web are enabling competi­tive advantage and future opportunity the like of which has not been offered before. Your business can do less, but achieve more.

However, replacing your established systems, however heavily embedded they might be, represents a considerable challenge that should not be approached lightly. This kind of project is not just a replacement of your software systems but a comprehensive overhaul of the way your business operates. Fundamental change will be required across the organization; and some resistance to this is inevitable.

Implementations that don't fulfil their potential or fail altogether are depressingly commonplace in the asset finance market. But CHP Consulting has been deliver­ing complex application replacement projects successfully for 20 years. Because we deliver every time, we are in a unique position to provide the key guidance and stories of lessons learned that will help you succeed in your systems re­placement project.

Over a series of eight articles, Right First Time covers the tasks that are critical to a successful delivery. With our advice you'll be able to prepare your business appropriately for the trials that await, and engage a suitable technology partner to accompany you on your journey. We'll give you pointers on defining your pro­ject in detail, deploying the new system using an approach that's right for you, and taking the risk out of migrating your portfolio efficiently and accurately. We offer our advice on the entire business change process, including delivery and benefits realization, as well as a dedicated piece on complex projects. At the end of the series, you'll be in a position to get your project right – first time.