CHP Consulting


Below is a high level overview detailing the major milestones in the growth and expansion of CHP Consulting and ALFA Systems.

  • 2016

    ALFA goes live with major US vehicle lessor

    ALFA goes live with leading name in UK high street banking

    ALFA selected by prominent European asset finance company

  • 2015

    CHP head office moves to Moor Place

    ALFA selected by additional major US vehicle lessor

  • 2014

    CHP named in The Sunday Times’ International Track 200

  • 2013

    ALFA selected by Nordea Finance

    ALFA live at major Nordic bank

  • 2012

    ALFA selected by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

    CHP opens its Paris office

  • 2011

    ALFA implemented in India

    First pan-European implementation of ALFA

    Major international bank live with ALFA (first v5 client)

  • 2010

    ALFA implemented at Toyota (first end-to-end retail automotive client)

  • 2009

    ALFA v5 released, providing a fully web based interface

  • 2008

    ALFA implemented at RCI Financial Services

  • 2007

    ALFA implemented at HBOS

  • 2007

    ALFA implemented at Textron, first North American client

  • 2007

    CHP opens its North American office

  • 2006

    ALFA Web Front end implemented at Capital Finance

  • 2005

    ALFA implemented at ING Lease

  • 2004

    ALFA implemented at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, first Asia-Pacific client

  • 2004

    CHP opens its Australian office

  • 2003

    ALFA v4 released, incorporating embedded workflow

  • 2002

    ALFA implemented at Lombard Vehicle Management

  • 2001

    ALFA passes 500,000 contracts at a single client, Lombard

  • 2000

    ALFA implemented at Lombard

  • 1997

    ALFA implemented at Nissan

  • 1995

    ALFA v3 released

  • 1992

    First ALFA Implementation at Hambros

  • 1990

    CHP started