CHP Consulting

Executive Leadership

Andrew Denton, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Denton

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Denton is CHP Consulting’s Chief Executive Officer and leads the company.

Since joining the company in 1995, Andrew has been instrumental to the company’s global strategy and success, and joined the Board of Directors in 2003. He was made Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and became CEO in September 2016.

Andrew joined CHP as a consultant and earned his first project management appointment in 1998. In 2000, Andrew moved permanently into Sales and Marketing. In the subsequent three years he was responsible for a series of key business wins, including CHP’s first European, Australian and US implementations at GE Capital Key Lease, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Textron Financial.

His many achievements led to his promotion to the CHP board, and since then he has overseen the development of ALFA v5, a fully browser-based version of the ALFA platform written entirely in Java, and brought in many more major new clients. Andrew continues to take the business forward and is a keen advocate of modern methods and approaches, such as agile development and Lean Six Sigma.

Andrew is also CEO and joint founder of the Leasing Foundation, an organisation that supports the leasing and asset finance industry through charitable activities, research and development.

Andrew Page, Executive Chairman

Andrew Page

Executive Chairman

Andrew Page, one of CHP Consulting’s founding directors, became Chief Executive Officer in 2010 with the formation of the new Main Board, and subsequently Executive Chairman in September 2016.

Andrew’s initial role was Sales and Commercial Director. He was also responsible for recruitment and managed many of the company’s larger projects. Andrew sold the first implementations of ALFA Systems at Hambros, Royal Bank Leasing and Lloyds Leasing.

Andrew now provides commercial oversight and is responsible for setting the strategic direction and goals of the company.

From 1981 to 1984, Andrew read Chemistry at Imperial College London, and from 1985 worked at Andersen Consulting, before going on to establish CHP Consulting in May 1990.

A keen sportsman with a specific interest in equestrian pursuits, Andrew held a flat racing amateur jockey’s licence for two years.