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Corporate Social Responsibility

CHP Consulting believes that our corporate activity should positively affect the lives and livelihoods of everyone we work with. This means that, alongside economic factors, we must also measure and improve our social and environmental performance.

CHP employees are passionate about sustainable development and social well-being. Our actively managed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy ensures that channels are available for our employees to harness this passion, and we make a conscious effort to review our CSR program performance regularly - developing new schemes to ensure it is continuously improved.

Our current CSR initiatives are principally focused around three core areas: Community, Energy Efficiency and Recycling.


We currently have four long-term partnerships with charity organizations and actively support them by sending employees to volunteer their skills in a variety of ways; from programming a new state-of-the-art website, to offering interview practice to deprived teenagers. All employees are encouraged to take an active part in the schemes we offer, and volunteers range in seniority from Junior Consultant to Director. 

Energy Efficiency

As a company with expertise in IT and technology, we acknowledge that the equipment we operate can be accountable for a significant proportion of our energy usage. We have made appropriate efforts to ensure that all employees acknowledge the importance of energy consumption and encourage all staff to switch off appliances when not in use. Furthermore, we have put efforts into researching new technologies that could reduce the energy consumption of our equipment, leading to a 10% reduction in energy usage at our head offices.


As our introductory CSR directive, recycling at CHP has been a success with results improving each quarter. In keeping with our ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ objective, staff are encouraged not to print unnecessarily, to make use of scrap paper where possible, and to use recycled paper and stationery. We provide extensive recycling facilities in all of our offices and continuously monitor our progress to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Key Points

  1. 1 Annual Report 2009

    The review of CHP's CSR activities in 2009:
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  2. 2 Recycling.

    Active participation in our recycling scheme has meant that one tree was saved for every five employees last year.

  3. 3 Community Support.

    All of our used laptops are either recycled or donated to worthy causes.

  4. 4 Volunteering.

    CHP allows employees to volunteer up to nearly 10,000 hours each year.

  5. 5 Fundraising.

    Through regular participation and sponsorship of fundraising events, CHP supports a variety of charities and has funded the full training of six specialist MS Trust nurses.

Client Quotes

I volunteered at Central Foundation Girls' School where many students have come to the UK from war torn countries; it was good to feel like I was not only giving them a better chance in future interviews, but helping to develop the community in which I live.

Gillian Walker, HR Manager