CHP Consulting

ALFA Systems Overview

ALFA Systems, CHP's enterprise solution for the asset finance industry, provides best-in-class support for Asset Finance and Automotive Finance.

ALFA's modular architecture means that it can be tailored to any asset finance organization's needs.

  1. Proposal

    Point of sale web quotation capability, fully integrated with the ALFA asset finance package

    Key Benefits

    1. Multiple channels.
    2. Integrated pricing.
    3. Real time decisions.
  2. Proposal

    New business workflow system to support the processing of new business from initial proposal through to activation of live agreements, providing enhanced inquiry and document management functionality to support the decision process

    Key Benefits

    1. Workflow driven.
    2. Flexible authorization.
    3. Sales channel visibility.
  3. Credit

    Successful underwriting relies on bringing the right data together from within your organization and beyond. Supported by configurable workflow, ALFA enables efficient and effective credit decisions.

    Key Benefits

    1. Process Ownership.
    2. Policy Automation.
    3. Decision Transparency.
  4. Product
    & Dealer

    ALFA lets you manage all aspects of your dealer relationships, from specifying products and add-ons to paying bonuses and commissions.

    Key Benefits

    1. Process Efficiency.
    2. Financial Accuracy.
    3. Product Range.
  5. Supplier

    Managing asset acquisition and supplier performance from order to delivery.

    Key Benefits

    1. Payment control.
    2. Multi currency support.
    3. Integrated order management.
  6. Wholesale

    ALFA’s Wholesale module enables the sophisticated end-to-end business processes that surround unit stocking, wholesale and floorplan finance to be delivered seamlessly to all parties.

    Key Benefits

    1. Self service.
    2. Single asset view.
    3. Functional depth.
  1. Asset

    Asset management in ALFA provides end-to-end asset lifecycle support, from specification to disposal.

    Key Benefits

    1. Whole-life profitability.
    2. Operational efficiency.
    3. Understand your assets.
  2. Customer
    & Contract

    ALFA provides total support for the administration of your portfolio, managing business processes and enhancing customer satisfaction levels through improved automation, flexibility and usability.

    Key Benefits

    1. Improved customer service.
    2. Simplify key transactions.
    3. Flexible contract management.
    4. Complete audit trail.
  3. Document

    ALFA’s flexibility in document production allows you to achieve the greatest automation, and will match the demands of your business.

    Key Benefits

    1. Powerful templating.
    2. Automated generation.
    3. Full document history.
  4. Finance &

    Whatever the nature of the transactions processed, we view financial rigour as the first priority in an asset finance system.

    Key Benefits

    1. Fully automated.
    2. Multi-GAAP support.
    3. Bullet proof financials.
  5. Collections

    ALFA supports all aspects of the collections lifecycle, from arrears identification to termination and repossession, and includes comprehensive workflow support and automation of common tasks.

    Key Benefits

    1. Efficient policy enforcement.
    2. Active resource targeting.
    3. Optimize recovery values.
  6. End of Lease

    ALFA provides comprehensive and configurable end-of-term functionality for all contracts and assets.

    Key Benefits

    1. Flexible settlement methods.
    2. Enforce maturity processes.
    3. Optimize resale values.
    4. Generate new business.
  1. Business
    Rules Engine

    ALFA Business Rules Engine automates your business decisions based on your rules, allowing you total process control.

    Key Benefits

    1. Automate complex decisions.
    2. Prove the benefits.
  2. Business

    Business intelligence tools in ALFA turn business data into information and insight.

    Key Benefits

    1. Efficiency through analysis.
    2. Visualize performance.
    3. Gain deeper business insight.
  3. Workflow

    ALFA workflow integrates closely with other ALFA modules to provide powerful CRM (client relationship management) workflow and case handling for your processes.

    Key Benefits

    1. Business model support.
    2. Efficient resource utilization.
    3. Improved customer service.
    4. Continual process improvement.
  4. Multicountry

    Global businesses need global solutions. Global processing in ALFA lets you conduct your business without borders, spanning languages, currencies and accounting standards.

    Key Benefits

    1. Global processes, one system.
    2. Regulatory compliance.
  1. Web

    Written in the latest technologies, ALFA uses a web-based interface to allow for simplified deployment and integration possibilities. Empower staff, partners and customers with an intuitive, highly customizable user interface.

    Key Benefits

    1. 100% web.
    2. Easy deployment.
    3. Integration.
  2. Java

    Java technologies are the most widely adopted by companies worldwide. Our Java-based platform supports customers operating portfolios of a few hundred contracts to over 10 million. ALFA’s architecture is tuned at every technology layer to deliver industry-leading performance.

    Key Benefits

    1. Adheres to technology industry standards.
    2. Runs reliably on all key operating systems.
    3. Independently proven for performance and scalability.

ALFA Systems for Automotive Finance

ALFA Systems from CHP Consulting is the next-generation software platform for automotive finance.

Enabling business innovation and efficiency through best-in-class technology and flexibility, ALFA provides an integrated suite of services that satisfies both retail and commercial lending and leasing, wholesale and dealer finance, all on a single platform.

ALFA is a feature-rich, scalable, end-to-end solution with integrated workflow, automated processing using business rules, and a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Our solution supports some of the largest vehicle portfolios in the automotive finance industry, such as those at Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services and RBS Lombard Vehicle Management.

With easy deployment and transactional transparency, ALFA Systems can provide fresh ideas in a challenging market.

Embedded Workflow and Business Rules

Using ALFA’s renowned, customizable workflow and business rules reduces operating costs, and ensures your processes are consistent and repeatable, providing impeccable levels of efficiency and customer service.

Processes are defined visually and serve as a documented procedure definition, supporting compliance and governance requirements.

Intelligent allocation of work to users during each step of a process ensures that the business responds to demands efficiently, and rules-driven workflow routing keeps manual intervention to a minimum.

Best-of-Breed Auto Finance Capabilities

ALFA is a sophisticated solution developed to meet the complex and ever-changing demands of vehicle-based portfolios and the automotive finance industry in general.

Through its unique architecture, ALFA provides best-of-breed automotive finance capabilities using its industry-leading accounting engine as a base for a flexible product and service offering.

ALFA also incorporates support for services such as maintenance and insurance, and offers extensive functionality to support multiple regulatory or compliance regimes.

All aspects of automotive finance are covered by the ALFA solution, from quotation, sales support, credit management and acquisition through to extensions, early termination, asset disposal, specialist services and administration.


New in ALFA Systems 5.3

  1. 1 System Automation

    Increased system automation in key, high-volume processing areas such as in-life contract changes and end-of-term processing.

  2. 2 Migration

    Enhanced migration suite scales out to handle the exceptionally high volumes of the largest equipment and auto finance providers.

  3. 3 Data Segregation

    Effective data segregation into logical business units by user, team or division.

  4. 4 Business Rules

    Improved business rules maximize automated decisioning in all aspects of compliance, workflow and transactions.

  5. 5 Integration

    Further integration with payment processing platforms and other industry third party service providers.

  6. 6 Web Services

    Further developed web services library now incorporating a best practice guide to enterprise integration patterns.